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    For me hairstyling and color are the steps that complete my Calligraphy Cut, because the hair-shapes fall on their own. If you have a great color and the softness of Calligraphy Cut, you can create hair that will blow your mind. "

    Francis Schroembges, renowned Dutch hairdresser, international L'Oréal Professionnel hair creative director and Calligraphy Cut Gold Star stylist, created the first haute couture collection in the name of Calligraphy Cut, in which she used art and calligraphy in her avant-garde stylings Cut united together.

    "We are the architect of the look we want to create, and every detail is important. In every step we take, we have to overthink what we want to create. Being in love with buy lace wigs uk hair, is why Calligraphy Cut touches me."

    The collection embodies the self-confident woman of today, who is changeable and can slip into a different role for every event and situation - but always exudes grace and femininity.

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