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    Strength to all the breadwinners who buy food for the house and someone fries 6 eggs at once of which are supposed to last the whole month and when you complain you get things like "Ohw just because you the one providing ukhulumela ukudla, if you going to be like that then just don't buy us food" abantu bakwate and don't eat the whole day so now you have to be quiet even when you see they wasting food unnecessarily so.

    Strength to the unemployed where you can't contribute at home financially but help in other ways. Keeping the house clean, cooking etc. After washing dishes 2min later there's more, when you complain bathi "What do you even contribute? So we must go to work, buy food and also do house chores wena ukhona?"

    Strength to the black tax victims, even when you have R150 and want to do something for yourself like do your hair kuthiwe "You'd rather do hair than see your sibling suffer, kanti didn't you say you will help out at home when you start working?"

    Strength to breadwinners who do everything. Provide, do house chores etc whilst the ones who are meant to be helping just chill and you can't complain because of emotional blackmail

    Strength to the blackhseep of the family, where you don't have a voice. Your up there siblings mistreat you and Parents stand with them

    Strength to umjita who wakes up and go sit at the corner and come back later endlini to avoid being called useless etc

    Strength to girls who leave home to live with their boyfriends because home is not home and get judged

    Strength to Baby Mamas who do it all and watch their baby Daddy's turn up every weekend buying friends booze

    Strength to Baby Daddys who are not allowed to see their kids because they Unemployed

    Strength to the ones suffering from depression and anxiety in silence because of toxic family members, but keep the smile even though you don't wanna keep on anymore

    Askies, sorry, kunzima sometimes family hurt us more. Nxese, take heart ❤️

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