Bolinger Band (BB)

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    The BB technical indicator is almost the same as the MA. The disparity is the "way" bands or lines of support and resistance are drawn. These bands will be above and below the market. BB requires 2 types of inputs / data to be generated, ie Average (average) and "standard deviation" (range of lines supp / res from market price) such as MA.


    In general, the market price movements that are close to the upperband can be said to be "overbought" and when close to lowerband can be labeled as "oversold".

    The upperband and lowerband distances are increasingly near are often regarded by traders as early signs that markets may breakout strongly in one direction.
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    thank you once his information for a very useful article.
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    thank goodness that this article gives a lot of feedback for you before you make a transaction
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    Thanks for the post, i know about the Bolinger but not a lot , it's a helpful article thanks again.
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    In my opinion, the Bollinger Band indicator is included in the "Lagging Indicator" category. Can be seen from the movement in each Time Frame (TF) that follow the candlestick. In addition, Bollinger Band has a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other indicators, namely the Upper and Lower lines as a determinant of price limits in the trend.

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