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  1. Max Velin

    Max Velin New Member

    Hello forum members. I need advice from people who have installed blinds in their homes. What are they and what can you advise about them?
  2. Agata98

    Agata98 New Member

    As I know there are vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, security shutters, Roman blinds, roller blinds. I found mine Calgary local window blinds - Sonata Design after which my room is better. Each of them is suitable for a certain room, interior design and people's needs. They not only protect you from unnecessary light, but also allow you to ensure your privacy when you are at home. By using blinds, you increase your sense of privacy and security because you are hidden from the outside world. They are also an effective method of controlling the temperature in the room.
  3. Mark01

    Mark01 New Member

    What kinds of blinds there are:
    • Horizontal blinds
    • Vertical blinds
    • Roller blinds
    • Cassette blinds
    • Roller blinds
    • Aluminum blinds
    • Izolite.
    • Wooden blinds

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