Australian Businessmen Create New Digital Currency, Like What?

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    Australian Businessmen Create New Digital Currency, Like What?


    An ambitious Australian businessman launches his own digital currency. Jack Hurley, 45, a former helicopter pilot, was inspired by Bitcoin's success to make sure he launched a digital currency called Strayacoin.

    Although the digital currency of his creation has not achieved success like Bitcoin, the man is optimistic. Even based on his observations, the development of Strayacoin is quite rapid.

    "Yesterday there were 15 miners, and today, there are hundreds," he said as reported by 9News.

    Digital money mining is sold entirely through a network of its own without central authority. The man launched a digital currency in a room in Bendigo, Possum Works.

    "Just like Bitcoin, it's like a parody, but it's very functional," the man said.

    With the help of designer Aaron Tyler, CEO of 47 Cryptocurrency Labs embodied the project within 48 hours. Hurley himself is not an ordinary person in the realm of digital currency. He has been involved in the world for 4 years.

    He explains that he was inspired to create Strayacoin after experiencing the fear of witnessing the popularity of Bitcoin and similar currencies.

    Strayacoin design itself has a distinctive touch of Australia. This currency has beer cans, ropes, and is surrounded by a typical Australian expression: yeah, well.

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