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    Something that is meant to inspire someone is said to be inspirational. Pieces of art, music and literature can be inspiring to people all over the world. Speeches by great public celebrities can be inspirational to a great extent and can arouse inspiration and enthusiasm in others.

    Inspirational words of wisdom are promoted in the form of poetry, sayings, proverbs etc. Anything that is inspirational has great value and wisdom attached to it. Inspirational words have the capability to bring about great changes. I always feel since I am in the public eye I need to be inspiring and I TRY to lead by example.

    Actually any person in a leadership,managerial or even parenting role needs to be inspiring. At the end of the day when you take your last breath, its not the fame, money or things that will live a legacy, but your inspiration.

    So go out to today and inspire your friends, family, husband ,wife, mother, father, sister or brother to be a better person. Remember we all have only one life so lets LIVE IT WITH INSPIRATION!!

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