Advantages of ECN accounts

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    ECN trading activity is anonymous, this allows traders to take advantage of neutral pricing, ensuring that real market conditions are reflected at all times. There is no bias against the client's direction based on either: forex trading strategies, tactics, or current market positions.
    Immediate trade execution.

    ECN clients can trade forex instantly, taking advantage of live, streaming, best executable prices in the marketplace, with immediate confirmations. The Most ECN model prevents interference by price makers, therefore all ECN clients trades are final and confirmed as soon as they are dealt and filled. There is no dealing desk to intervene, there are never any re-quotes.
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    One of the advantages of ECN account is fast moving, market will usually tempt an investor to do 'scalping' alias open position in a short period of time. ECN forex brokers will always allow or even self-mask as a 'tool' right for the scalper trader. In contrast, non-ECN brokers sometimes banned scalping. The reasons for the ban is vary, sometimes is because it can burden the broker server overload and then can't work normally.
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    ECN has a better server that allows us to use any kind of scalping EA without worrying of being banned by the broker we are using. Some of the features are price accuracy that allows us to trade without having a requote...
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    Has there been any major issues regarding the usage of EA then being banned by a broker? Perhaps from your own personal experience. I've never heard of this first hand.
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    The main advantage of ECN accounts is direct access to liquidity providers through broker. Orders based on NDD technology (Non Dealing Desk) provide every trader with low spreads and very fast order processing. Assess the quality and superiority of ECN accounts from broker .
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    And this account type good for scalper trader that takes advantage of tight spread and fast order execution since they rely on short term trading positions...
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    ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network, an electronic system designed to bridge forex traders so they can plunge directly into the liquidity market. Meanwhile, the ECN Broker is a forex broker that uses ECN to provide direct access to the currency market to its clients.

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